Monday, September 3, 2012

Light and Tangy Coleslaw

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a recipe for pulled pork sandwiches.  Now, what would a pulled pork sandwich be without an excellent coleslaw?  I have made coleslaw in the past, but none of my recipes were anything to write home about.  So, I went in search of a new recipe.  More specifically, I went in search of a recipe that would give me a slaw like the one that is served at the Salt Lick.  I wanted it to be tangy and light.

After a long search, I found a recipe purporting to produce a Coleslaw like the one at the Salt Lick.  Eager with anticipation, I ran out to the store to buy the ingredients.  Then, when I got home, I immediately started slicing cabbage, grating the carrots, and mixing the dressing.  As it turned out, the final product tasted nothing like the one at the Salt Lick.  I thought my memory of the taste might have been failing me since I had not eaten at the Salt Lick in a year, but my husband also thought that it was pretty far off from what he remembered.

Were we disappointed?  Perhaps initially.  After all, we had high hopes that we would be able to create the Salt Lick's coleslaw on our own.  However, our disappointment was very quickly replaced by our sheer enjoyment of this recipe. This unique and Asian-inspired recipe produces a coleslaw that is, in its own right, pretty awesome.  And, surprisingly enough, it complemented the pulled pork wonderfully.  This is probably the seventh coleslaw recipe I have tried, but it is the first that I will be making for a second time.

Light and Tangy Coleslaw
Adapted from
Servings: 6-8

4 cups shredded cabbage (about 1/2 a head)
1 large carrot, grated
2 green onions, sliced very thinly
1/3 cup of rice vinegar
1 tbsp seasoned sesame oil
1.5 inches of ginger root, peeled and grated (use the juice released in the grating process as well)
pinch of salt
  1. In a bowl, combine cabbage, carrot, and onions.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk togetherthe other ingredients.
  3. Combine dressing with vegetables and toss the salad.
  4. Let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour before serving.
Calories: Approximately 59 per serving

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