Friday, August 31, 2012

Food Blog Friday: Veggie Burgers from Oh She Glows

Frozen veggie burger patties taken out of the freezer for dinner.
This was the very recipe that led me to Oh She Glows.  One day, after picking up what must have been my millionth package of Amy's brand veggie burgers, I searched Google for a veggie burger recipe.  To be honest, I wasn't very hopeful that I would turn something up that would be worth trying.  I have tried countless veggie burger recipes over the years, but they have all been disappointing.  They invariably yielded moist and soggy burgers that broke apart while cooking and that didn't have quite the right texture to eat with a bun.  None of them were ever made a second time.

However, this recipe is different.  The burgers are chewy because they are crisp on the outside, just a little moist on the inside, and they hold together beautifully.  They also have a nice nutty taste that goes excellently with mustard.  I really can't say enough nice things about these burgers; they have become my go-to recipe.  If you are looking for the perfect veggie burger recipe, this is it.  It also freezes well.  Just ask the bag of patties in my freezer.

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