Friday, September 7, 2012

Food Blog Friday: Cinnamon Raisin Pull Apart Muffins from Annie's Eats

Annie's Eats has been a favorite food blog of mine for a while.  Every time a recipe is posted, I immediately want to make it.  Unfortunately, I don't have enough mouths to feed--we would have way too much food if I made every recipe posted on this beautifully photographed site.  Among some of the recipes I know I will be making in the not-too-distant future is one for multigrain crackers, one for spinach and artichoke grilled cheese, and one for hot chocolate mix (for Christmas gifts). 

The great thing about this site is that every recipe I have made from it has been delicious and the recipes are so clear and precise that, as a general rule, if you follow them as written, your final product will turn out beautifully. 

Just last week, I made these cinnamon raisin pull apart muffins.  They are basically little monkey breads made in muffin tins.  These were delicious, but, if you are like me and don't love cloyingly sweet food, then I would reduce the sugar crumble mixture by about 25% and I would make closer to 12 muffins instead of 9 (I got 11).  If, on the other hand, you are like my husband and like the sweet taste of pure brown sugar, then, by all means, use the entire streusal mixture and I promise you that you won't be disappointed. 

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