Friday, August 10, 2012

Food Blog Friday: Thai Basil Chicken from Gimme Some Oven

One of the things that I love about Pinterest is that it directs me to blogs with great recipes that I would have probably never come across on my own.  Gimme Some Oven is just one example.  I found this blog because someone pinned this Thai Basil Chicken recipe.  The second I saw the pin I knew I had to make it at some point in the near future.  I have been dying for good Thai food for months.  Well, I finally got around to making it last night and it was absolutely delicious.  I did make one small change to the recipe--I used only 3 thai chilis and it had the perfect amount of heat for us.

Click here for the recipe.  Also, be sure to look through the blog.  There are so many beautiful pictures and interesting recipes.  Here is one I know I will be trying in the future.

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  1. I also started using pinterest and I agree, the recipes to be found are wonderful. A great way to eat chicken, this dish sounds delicious!