Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TWD: Whole Wheat Loaves

So, I might have cheated just a little bit this week.  Before anyone asks, yes I did make the bread.  The loaf pictured above was made just yesterday afternoon.  However, this was not my first time making it.  In fact, I have made this bread so many times that I have no sense of how many loaves I have made.  You see, when we made the recipe for white loaves, I couldn't help myself from trying to make whole wheat bread later that same week.  Generally, I try not to eat too many refined grain products and I had been bitten by the bread-baking bug.  So, making this loaf was a way to feed my new addiction while keeping to my eating habits in check. 

Over my various baking sessions, I have tweaked the recipe a little bit and find that my changes have led to a softer bread.  First of all, I only make half the recipe because I only have one loaf pan.  Second,  I use white whole wheat flour instead of the more common red flour.  I also reduce the flour to 3 cups (half whole wheat and half bread flour) and I use 3/4 tbsp of yeast instead of the 1/2 tbsp the recipe would call for if halved.  Now, for whatever reason, my bread didn't rise as much this time as it normally does.  I wish I knew why, but I have no idea.  That said, it did still taste as good as it usually does and that is really the part that matters, isn't it? 

For the recipe, please click here or here.


  1. That's not cheating, it's being proactive!
    A piece of toast sounds really good right about now...

  2. I'll have to try your changes. I'm glad you liked it!

  3. Apparently you´re not alone in making this bread your favorite! I loved it too

  4. I feel the same way about the two recipes - it was nice to try the white loaf, but the brown loaf is more like what I actually eat.