Friday, August 3, 2012

Food Blog Friday: Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies from

So, I read a lot of food blogs--more than I care to admit.  Every morning, I drool over delicious-looking pictures and swear that, one day, I will make that pizza dough, those cookies, or that salad.  However, in reality, I forget most of those recipes within moments of stepping away from my computer.   Sad, but true.

So, I have decided that it is high time I try more of those recipes and, to make sure I stick to it, I will post the link to a recipe on another blog that I have tried and loved every Friday.

This week's recipe is for peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies.  It comes from  I came across Sugarhero while participating in Tuesdays With Dorie and it has become one of my favorite dessert blogs.  Its author is a trained pastry chef and her blog features a lot of creative and imaginitive takes on old standbys.

These cookies caught my eye because I love the combination of peanut butter and banana.  I also love chocolate chip cookies.  So, my thinking was that combining them would be nothing less than spectacular. 

As it turns out, I was right. This recipe takes no time at all and it gave me 27 soft cookies that were loaded with chocolate.  For the most part, I was able to simply follow the recipe to the letter.  The only thing I had to do differently was that I had to press my cookies down before baking; when I didn't, they didn't spread properly. 

Next time, I will have to try using them for ice cream sandwiches.  I'm sure they would be particularly delicious with chocolate ice cream.  If only I had had some on hand....

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